Kinderdale Arts and Sports Academy – KASA – is one of the finest feathers in our cap. The endeavour focuses on training the children in various activities like Dance, Music, Arts, Abacus and other sports like, Taekwondo, and Skating etc. Professional coaching is provided by experts in the field, for all the activities .Children can utilize the after-school hours to develop and excel in the area of their interest. Special workshops, intent on training the students for any desired competition or program would also be provided by our expert trainers .This space also provides the motivation to wean the children away from the addictive gadget dependent entertainment of the present.

Afterschool Activity centre

The afterschool hours of the children create quite a trauma for the working parents of today. The parents seek meaningful occupation of the children, away from the menacing tentacles of the current online games, television and such. At our afterschool schedule, they can either join any of the Programs at KASA or join our “student engagement program“ and get motivated by our brain teasers and physical games. We can also boast of an array of Indoor games like Chess, Carom, Puzzles and other board games.

 The importance of Sports in a child’s life is beyond that of a physical activity. It empowers and promotes higher self-esteem in children apart from motivating them to achieve better academic parameters too. Sports training help children to maintain good physical stamina as well as acquire qualities of leadership, sharing, team spirit and tolerance.  Children who regularly practice sports are found to be more obedient, well disciplined, possess good judgment and develop social skills. The importance of Art is no less in the life of a child. Research has proved that arts can positively impact:academic achievement, social and emotional development and civic engagement.

We conduct the following extracurricular activities for our students as well for other aspirants