About us


Kinderdale International Pre-school has been in the field of early childhood education since the year 2000, imparting quality pre-school education with international standards. Our school has been recognized as one the best International Preschools in India. This vast experience, while teaching us humility, has also made us tremendously proud of the accomplishments and accolades that have come our way. This in turn gives us enormous courage to go forward as we march ahead with uncompromising values and ethics

A very warm welcome to our Preschool and website. Hopefully the information you gain here will convey our sincerity, professionalism and passion for excellence, persuading you to visit us (at any of our branches) personally. There is nothing like the real. Do come and visit any of our centers on any working day and find out about our unique ethos. Our well researched International Preschool Curriculum is designed to equip the young minds to comprehend the perplexing and ever changing world around them, while retaining their sense of wonder. This helps in transforming the young ones into well rounded, confident and caring adults. We seek to provide the best early age education to the children and ascertain their smooth transition to future academic lives.

Our Franchisees / Member schools too comply with our stipulations to provide green eco spaces and uncluttered building plans for their institutions to make learning a joyful experience for the child. Our sensitive teaching methodology along with  the relevant curriculum  help in creating a well-balanced ambience for the child. We nurture the dream of a peaceful morrow with and for our children.

Aims & Ethos

Our Aim is to find a rightful place in the field of early age education and bring forth a meaningful formula to chisel a fine sensitive citizen out of a child entrusted in our care. This can be possible only .through constant research and upgradation of our teaching methods and curriculum, which is the route taken by Kinderdale.

Our Ethos necessarily reflect the philosophy of our beloved country and we strive to bring forth a generation of caring, sensitive individuals to form the mosaic of our future . The future of any country is in the hands of its children who are the citizens of tomorrow. The disturbing and baffling escalation of crimes in our society is definitely pointing towards a moral apathy and wrongful education. The magnitude and the multitude of the rampant crimes makes a mockery of our so called civilized society .Let us join hands and teach our children – tomorrow’s citizens – the basic and true values of life . The time for VALUE BASED EDUCATION is now. The seeds of goodness and kindness have to be cultivated and nurtured NOW.

Our Team (Management & Staff)

We have a sincere and passionate team working diligently to make our institution into an internationally acclaimed venture. The team comprises of highly competent management staff, an advisory board of intellectuals and academicians, qualified and well trained teaching staff, training experts, and other helpful and caring sub- staff. The dedicated service of our staff and their singular teaching methods has helped us to evolve into a wonderful preschool beyond compare.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that “Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons” and work towards making childhood the best season of our students’ lives. At Kinderdale,  we envisage a beautiful world for every child and endow them with the intellectual efficacy to choose an appropriate and meaningful life

Our Mission

Our mission is to work tirelessly towards providing holistic and comprehensive early age education in a clean and unpolluted atmosphere. The exhaustive research carried out by our experts entails the constant upgradation of the curriculum with reference to all the areas of development of the child. Our mission to connect the child, parent and the teacher in a coherent manner would provide that ultimate space for the child. 


EDUAXIS Educational services PVT Ltd is an educational endeavour which deals with diverse domains under early childhood education, making a visible impact in the field. We have been granted accreditation by   IAO, an international quality assurance agency which assures competitive standards of the organizations under its flagship. Under the umbrella of Eduaxis , we have the following services :

  • Kinderdale International Pre-school and its Branches & Franchisees
  • Teachers’ Training Institute
  • Global Pre-school Curriculum
  • Advisory Committee
  • Eduaxis Magazine
  • Research
  • KASA –Kinderdale Sports & Arts Academy.

The team at eduaxis works tirelessly to bring forth qualitative and impressive results in all of the above ventures.

Teachers' Training

Our group of highly qualified and experienced teachers plays a huge role in making our preschool, a globally recognized name. At induction they are given an intensive in-house training to coach them in our unique and sensitive teaching methods. They are introduced to the exclusive teaching programs and syllabi that are products of our well- researched Global Preschool Curriculum. In addition, frequent workshops, personality development and other motivational classes are conducted for consistent quality-enhancement and improved performance.

A fully dedicated Teachers’ Training Institute is functioning as part of our Eduaxis organization which trains aspirant preschool teachers. A meaningful training course with assured job opportunities is imparted by the best in the field of education. Varied courses tailor-made for the personal career choices are on offer.

Our Presence

We have made our presence felt in the area of early age education since the year 2000. Right now we are proud to say that we have branches in Coorg , Mysore etc and we are growing globally too .

Our Recognition / Accredition

We are an IAO accredited institution that vouches for our highest standards of educational caliber and business ethics. IAO is an International quality assurance agency working to improve educational standards globally. This accreditation, granted by the global agency ensures the quality of our institution, as judged by the experts in the field. We also possess the recognition of the Karnataka Secondary Education Board.