The school has put forth the following policies for the smooth and safe running of the institution and the welfare of the parents, teachers and children. The discipline of the children is of paramount importance in any educational institution, and more so in the case of Pre schools. In the case of young children school can only be an extension of home and a cordial working relationship between the two units can make the child a happy and trusting being. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the two are not working at cross purposes, creating confusion in the child. The policies formulated are solely in keeping with the above principles. We seek utmost cooperation in this regard from our parents / guardians.

Parents’ opinions/suggestions that are beneficial and feasible are welcome in policy and procedural matters, though the right of implementation rests with Eduaxis . Parents have a right to seek a meeting with any staff/ teacher at any given time for general queries or grievance redressal.

Admission policy

The admission to all the classes starts from the month of December for the ensuing   academic year and will be officially closed by the end of March of the succeeding year. The right of admission rests with the Eduaxis Board and their decision will be final.­ A child though can seek admission in the Pre kg /KG1/Kg2 programs after the last date provided he/she has attended a similar program in another Pre-School and can produce a transfer certificate.

  • Once you have submitted the enquiry form, we shall contact you and take you through the formalities of admission and invite you for a personal visit to the school.
  • The application form as well as our school prospectus can be obtained from the school along with details of fee structure etc.
  • The rules and regulations of the school and all other pertinent information have been incorporated in the school Prospectus.

Enquiry Form