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Kinderdale International Pre-school has been in the field of early childhood education since the year 2000, imparting quality pre-school education with international standards. Our school has been recognized as one the best International Preschools in India. This vast experience while teaching us humility has also made us tremendously proud of the accomplishments and accolades that have come our way. This in turn gives us enormous courage to go forward as we march ahead with uncompromising values and ethics.

Our Programs

We, while making early literacy a joy for children, simultaneously teach them vocabulary and language (with phonological awareness) amongst other things. The fun learning techniques – like singing, reading aloud, storytelling (& retelling) and meaningful play acting,   all paves the way for sound academic absorption and enjoyment in the later years.


Kinderdale Arts and Sports Academy – KASA – is one of the finest feathers in our cap. The endeavour focuses on training the children in various activities like Dance, Music, Arts, Abacus and other sports like, Taekwondo, and Skating etc. Professional coaching is provided by experts in the field, for all the activities . Children can utilize the after-school hours to develop and excel in the area of their interest. Special workshops, intent on training the students for any desired competition or program would also be provided by our expert trainers .

Kinderdale Franchise & Membership

Kinderdale boasts of more than 2 decades of legacy in the field of early childhood education and has five preschools as its members. The irrefutable success of our journey makes us confident in furthering our quest and we are now offering our Preschool franchisee options across India



News & Events

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Parents Corner


When I decided to send my children  to preschool ,I decided on  kinderdale for two  reasons  one was their  lovely uniform and the other was the beautiful school itself .Though i was anxious at first, they adapted to Kinderdale well and started loving it so much that they would want to come to school even on weekends. The warmth and love shown to them by the staff and teachers at Kinderdale have been awesome.  My children have been trained very well in all areas. They were given lot of time and freedom to develop at their own pace. They have enjoyed their years here. The positive approach by the school staff and teachers has been so reassuring to me.  I wish all the very best to Kinderdale and would happily recommend them to all my friends.

Mrs. Smitha Thulasidas

It’s often joked that parents are far more likely to cry on the first day of school than their children. It was true in my case anyway.  When we were  searching for a preschool for Aanya,  Kinderdale was the first place we visited. We just loved Kinderdale – beautiful Infrastructure, lovely staff and teachers, spacious class rooms etc. Aanya fell in love with the school from the first day itself . They have a meaningful curriculum with systematic approach to writing and other learning activities which help the  children  a lot in advanced classes.. The various  activities and events help them to develop in multi directional paths. I have seen a lot of positive changes in Aanya. She was a shy kid basically, but has now become very confident and bold. This has been possible only  due to the exposure gained in Kinderdale . she’s doing very well in 1st standard now.  Even her eating habits improved thanks to the ‘lunchtime – discipline’ at kinderdale

 I hope that many more parents will   find the happiness that I got from Kinderdale. All the very best to the kinderdale family

Dr.Ima Faisal

When I had to enrol my daughter to pre-kg I scouted around for a good school and I got very positive reports about kinderdale. I was very happy with my daughter’s progress at kinderdale – she transformed from a shy kid to a very confident child. I would like to make a special mention about her beautiful handwriting which is a tribute to the teachers at kinderdale .She is doing very well at her next level in the new school thanks to the training received here..I have recommended this school to many of my friends & relatives. My son is also studying here. The very welcome that we receive here as we walk in is the best thing about kinderdale . They are so warm, sincere and always understanding. I wish the Kinderdale family all the very best.

Mrs. Neelima Joshy

My daughter was a very shy, sensitive and mellow kind of child. She would not mingle with others easily. After joining kinderdale she became a different person. She grew confident and came out of her shell.. Her journey from a shy, timid person to this confident person has all been due to the influence of Kinderdale .  She has moved on to another school for the next class  and her ease and confidence in the new school is just amazing. Thank you Kinderdale.

Dolon Sarkar

Aarav studied in Kinderdale for two years and he was very happy with the school. Though he has now joined a different school for the next level, he’s always talking about going back to Kinderdale . The love and attention he was given at Kinderdale was amazing. Their teaching methods were really great and we can see the positive impact on his personality. We would definitely like to recommend Kinderdale to our friends.

Pratik & Geethika

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